All EPC are Just £45



Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) is required by Law for all buildings in the UK constructed, sold or rented.




All rented and sold properties require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)EPC valid for 10 years.


Enables tenants to compare properties on an energy efficiency.


Certificates (EPCs) to be provided free when any written information about the property is provided to tenants or a viewing is conducted.


Risk of repeatable fines if EPC is not in place.


We provide Energy Performance Certificates in London.


Contact us to check we deal with your area! (Other areas can be covered for slightly higher fees to cover travelling costs).


All properties £45 (no VAT payable)


Landlord EPCs are valid for 10 years!If you have made improvements to a property since an EPC was issued, this may reflect on ratings shown on a new certificate though this is optional.




EPCs can only be carried out by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) and involves carrying out a survey determining the energy efficiency and environmental impact.


The certificate shows a building's energy efficiency on a A-G scale (where A is the most efficient and G the least efficient), in graphical format. The Certificate also shows, on a A-G scale, the environmental impact of a home. Better-rated homes should have less impact through carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


The Certificate includes recommendations to improve the home's energy efficiency, save money and help the environment.


The certificate is then Lodged on a central database where it can be accessed using a specific report number.